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Circa 2010

Established in 2010 Kurvacious Boutique emerged as both a brick & mortar and online boutique with locations in Rockland County, and Harlem. Kurvacious was created to fill the gap between average plus size fashion and high end plus size couture. In creating this unique blend of fashion and style, Kurvacious carries a mix of both indie designers, as well as a few high-end distributors. We specialize in sizes 10-28, with clients both domestically & internationally. We work with our clients to provide the very best in style selection, the overall quality of merchandise, and excellent customer service.

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Kurves, Klass & Konfidence

The Face of Kurvacious is for the diva who has kurves and is not ashamed of showing it. We are looking for the Kurvy, Klassy, & Konfident Diva, who owns it! We emphasize Kurves, Klass, and Konfidence because we hold these attributes to the highest standards when considering who will be the next Face of Kurvacious.

The Face of Kurvacious Model Competition is an annual event.

Submissions for 2023 will begin in December. 

Kurvacious Model Competition is conducted in a fair and unbiased manner, with a strong focus on celebrating our Kurves.

The Face of Kurvacious 2014 Finalists

Remember to always keep it...




                                 L. Scott 

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Kurvacious was created for the woman who has more to offer!

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