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Face of Kurvacious
NY Daily News

Jan Ransom, July 22, 2014 



"Queen of curves! 25 gals remaining, but only 1 will be poster girl for plus-sized clothing line." 

NY Daily News

 Laignee Barron, July 12, 2013 



"Models set to hit East Harlem runway for chance to be face of plus-sized Kurvacious clothing line."
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Kurvacious 2015. What can i say? if you weren't there you missed an amazing competition. This Competition get better each year. Thanks to Ms.Scott, each year women are given an opportunity  to represent the kurvacious Boutique brand. Dozens of ladies put their bids in for a chance to compete and walk away a winner. The ladies come pack with their kurves, klass and konfidence, and they give us a show that leaves us waiting for the next year. Congratulations to all the ladies, they are all winners in our books. If you weren't in the building this year then here are the reason to be there next year. We have to give major congratulations to the 2015 winner of the Face Of Kurvacious, Ms Charlotte Rogers-Brown; Job well done.
  Queen Size Magazine

   November, 2015 Issue


"The 2015 Face of Kurvacious Winner Charlotte Rogers-Brown."

Fashion Avenue News

 August, 2016 Blog



"The 2016 Face of Kurvacious Winner Ebony Walker"

Fashion Avenue News

 Fabulous – Hypnotic, Sexy, Fresh Fragrance Campaign

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Ebony Walker, 2016 Face of Kurvacious

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